15 Times Rihanna Had a Wardrobe Malfunction, But Still Looked Flawless

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No one does a risky red carpet look like Rihanna does — but that hasn’t always been the case. While we are so used to the way she slays every appearance these days with her matching DGAF attitude and wardrobe, she used to give off a very different vibe. In fact, New York Magazine called her “a cookie-cutter teen queen” back in 2009.

We think it’s safe to say things are a little different now. The 29-year-old has come a long way from her signature crop top and low-rise jeans look from early in her career and has transitioned into a fashion icon. From her street style to her red carpet ensembles, she’s proven to the public that she can rock any hairstyle and pull off any look. (It’s impossible to pick a fave — we’ve tried!)

Her career has been the same way. The Barbadian could have settled for a super successful music career, but she didn’t. Even getting the “Icon Award” at the 2013 American Music Awards wasn’t enough for her. She went on to launch Fenty Beauty, a makeup line known for the products’ diversity of colors, and she’s done so much philanthropy work with her charity, Believe Foundation, and others to be granted the “Humanitarian Award” by Harvard University this year. She has even acted alongside some serious A-listers recently in feature films, both animated and not. We’ll be looking out for her and Dakota Fanning in Ocean’s Eight next year!

You’ve gotta be convinced by now — it doesn’t get much better than Rihanna. The “Work” singer seems to have taken her own song to heart and may just be one of the hardest workers in Hollywood. That’s probably why she’s all about the fashion risks. When it comes to strutting in sheer gowns on the red carpet or accidentally flashing her undies onstage, she’s got way more things to worry about than what everyone else thinks of these “wardrobe malfunctions.”