The Perfect Playlist for You and Your BFF

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Nina and Randa, aspiring singer-songwriters who also just so happen to be twins and BFFS, got the chance to meet with Talent star, BC Jean, and you’ll never guess what happened next. Or maybe you will. They got to professionally record a song that they wrote in the same booth that superstars like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber (yes, Bieber) have recorded in! And since the song that they wrote together is like, the ultimate sign of friendship, we got inspired to make #theplaylist that we’d want to listen to with our own BFFs.

Whether you’re getting ready for a big night out, embarking on a long road trip, or just hanging out at a sleepover, music can be an important part of creating memories with your BFF. So click on to check out our perfect playlist picks!

Oh, and BTW, you can watch Nina and Randa’s recording sesh adventures in the vid below:

“Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus reminds us of getting ready for a huge party with our closest friends. It’s always a party when you’re hanging out with your BFFs, isn’t it?

“Umbrella” by Rihanna You’re bound to get your hearts broken together, so this song is a great way to get over it and move on. That is if the pint of ice cream your BFF will bring you won’t help…

“Born This Way” by Lady Gaga No matter how crazy you are, the only thing that matters is that you and your biff are crazy together. So don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!

“Long Live” by Taylor Swift is all about those moments you wish would last forever. And we’re pretty sure Taylor’s moments were pretty much all had in high school with her BFF, Abigail. Just sayin’.

“Never Say Never” – Justin Bieber The Biebs’ song is one of the most inspiring ever, saying never to give up on your dreams. If he made into a huge megastar millionaire with 12 million Twitter followers, you can too. Uh, right?!

What songs do you listen to with your BFF? Do you have a special song that you dedicate to each other? Let us know in the comments!