Taylor Swift vs. Rihanna: Whose New Album Will Be Better?

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It seems like we keep hearing deets about Rihanna‘s and Taylor Swift‘s upcoming albums every time we wake up. And now, we’re torn! RiRi’s new CD, Talk That Talk, is set to drop on November 21 of this year. Based on its lead single, “We Found Love,” we already know it’s gonna be pretty epic. As for the music vid, Rihanna announced via Twitter:

“#WFLvid I really cant stop thinking about this video we just shot!EASILY the BEST video I’ve done thus far!Definitely my fav 1,very powerful.”


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Tay Tay’s been hard at work on her upcoming album. According to Perez Hilton, she’s already written 10 tracks for her LP, which will debut sometime next year. Swifty says it’s:

“[A]bout achieving contentment… you’re not always going to be ridiculously happy. The [lyrics are] sad, if I’m being honest. I write songs, and my voice is just a way to get those lyrics across.”

If only Katy Perry was working on new music… Our lives would be complete! Whose new album are you ready to get your hands on — Rihanna’s or Taylor’s? Which one do you think will have more #1 singles? Spill in the comments!