10 Famous Musicians You Didn’t Know Wrote Songs for Rihanna

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Over the years, Rihanna has quickly become an icon in many different rights. For starters, she’s dominating the beauty industry with her line, Fenty Beauty, that celebrates diversity. She’s also a fashion queen, always winning best-dressed at the annual Met Gala. But at the end of the day, RiRi’s impact is greatest on the music industry where we first discovered the rising star. Music is really where her heart lies and that’s so evident from the songs she writes.

But, like all artists, there are tunes the 30-year-old puts on her albums, some of which are her most popular, that she actually didn’t write at all. She’s truly the queen of collaborations, working with some of the top names in the industry to put out bop after bop after bop. So which artists have written for Rihanna over the years? Some are more commonly known and actually sang on the track as well whereas others are shockers.