Must-Watch Vid: Rihanna, “S&M”. We Like it, Like it

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Getting two new Rihanna music vids within 24 hours? It’s like Christmas all over again! After just publicly releasing her new music vid for her song, “Who’s That Chick?”, RiRi just released her second, but equally amazing music video for “S&M.”

And let’s just say it’s, um…different. Read on to see what we mean.

The vid pokes fun at the press and the paparazzi ( but we don’t take it personally, we guess), and features a cameo from celeb blogger Perez Hilton as her dog. We can’t make this stuff up. But, in true Rihanna form, it’s colorful, fun, and a little bit out there.

Watch the vid below and tell us — do you like it? Or do you like this one better?