Why Is Rihanna Doing the Happy Dance?!

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Why is Rihanna so happy and giggly? Here are our 3 guesses. 1. She’s still smiley from her Grammy wins. 2. She’s excited for her 23rd birthday (it’s today!). 3. She knows she has a sick six-pack and is happy to show it off in that crop top.

Orrrrrrr not…

Rihanna is so happy because she just launched her very first perfume, “Reb’l Fleur!” These pics are from her fragrance launch at Macy’s in California where RiRi debuted her new scent to the world — or at least to the hundreds of fans that lined up to buy it and take a pic with RiRi herself.

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But we’d be doing the happy dance too if we looked as good as Rihanna! Do you like her outfit here? Will you buy her perfume now that it’s out in stores?