3 Things You Gotta Know About Rihanna RIGHT NOW

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Sure, she’s freakin’ gorgeous, her songs are amazing and we kinda want to raid her closet. But lately, Rihanna‘s making headlines for reasons other than her scandalous music video.

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So, what’s the latest on RiRi?!

1. Remember that perfume that Rihanna just launched? Well, there’s also a commercial. Uh, can you say gorgeous?!

2. She’s reconciling with Chris Brown. NO, but really! Sources are reporting that Rihanna is ordering the judge to lower her restraining order against ex BF Chris so that they could have more direct contact. Just in time for the Grammys…

3. And speaking of the Grammys, Rihanna might not be able to perform as planned! Apparently she’s sick and had to cancel a performance last night due to feeling under the weather. Fingers crossed that she’ll get better in time for Sunday’s show!

What do you think of Rihanna’s commercial? And is it a good idea for her to reconcile with Chris? Sound off now!