Uh Oh! Which Pop Star Might Be Cancelling Her Tour?!

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Uh, well, this is awkward. It was just announced that one of our fave performers might be canceling some of the shows on her upcoming tour due to “low ticket sales.”

So, who is it?

Apparently it’s… Rihanna! Yes, Ke$ha too is having some tour drama after she decided to postpone her shows in Japan due to the Tsunami (and rightfully so), but New York Post is saying that Rihanna’s barely selling enough tickets for her “Loud” tour — especially in Boston — to fund the lighting and the costs of putting on the concert. And apparently the same thing happened on RiRi’s 2010 “Last Girl on Earth” tour so she had to either cancel the show all together or downgrade to smaller venues. Yikes.

Do you still want to see Rihanna on tour? Do you think she should be playing smaller venues rather than huge arenas? Tell us in the comments!