Are We Saying “Cheers” to Rihanna’s Newest Music Vid? Meh (Video)

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Is it wrong that we feel kinda gypped? It wasn’t too long ago that we saw Taylor Swift‘s music vid for “Sparks Fly,” where it was comprised solely of her concert footage. Now we’re getting a severe case of deja video with Rihanna‘s latest music vid for her single, “Cheers (Drink to That).” True, it features cameos from everyone Jay-Z, Cee Lo Green, Kanye West, and obvs, Avril Lavigne, but we’re just not that impressed by the girl who gave us such epicness with her last vid, “Man Down.”

But don’t let us influence you. “Cheers” is only a click away, so see for yourself!

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Well, do you agree with us? Or did this live up to your RiRi standards? Pass your thoughts along in the comments!