10 Surprising Celebrities Who Rihanna Admitted to Having a Crush On

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It goes without saying that Rihanna is absolutely killing it right now. Not only is she still on the charts for her most recent album, Anti, that was released last year, but she’s become our makeup goddess who has saved us from cakey foundation and highlighters. RiRi’s successful launch of Fenty Beauty has put her in the spotlight more than ever before, which is saying something because drama can happen with just one Instagram comment.

Although Fenty Beauty just came out, we’re already waiting for new palettes and collections to hit stores, who wouldn’t want a completely Rihanna-approved beauty routine? One thing that we have learned throughout Fenty’s incredibly-inclusive advertising campaign and product release is that everyone loves Rihanna.

Ever since “Pon de Replay” first hit airwaves back in 2005, RiRi has been enchanting everyone she meets. She has been spotted with some of the biggest celebs, like Drake and Chris Brown, who seems to not be able to let her go even years after she finally escaped his abuse. Rihanna isn’t one to openly talk about a relationship, especially if she’s spotted out on a date with a potential boyfriend. One thing that Rihanna does talk about, though, is which celeb hottie has caught her eye.

It’s crazy to think that even some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities have crushes on other big Hollywood celebrities. In our minds, Hollywood is just one big backyard party where everyone knows everyone, but Rihanna has proved that this is not the case. In the past, Rihanna has revealed that she had been crushing on co-stars, pop singers and even popular sports superstars.

It can be hard to keep track of who RiRi has admitted to crushing on and why, so we rounded up them up for you! We learned that Rihanna definitely does NOT have a type and that may be we have been looking at some celebrities the wrong way. We mean, if Rihanna thinks they’re cute, that means they can’t be that bad IRL, right?