Rihanna Looks Gorg in Her New Armani Ad! Or, Uh, At Least We Think That’s Her…

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Maybe it’s because we’ve never seen Rihanna with a platinum blonde pixie cut, but girl just does not look like herself in her new Armani jeans ad. But no, wait. That’s not it. Because even her face looks majorly different in the pic and we’re all sorts of confused.

Click to see the bigger pic so you can help us out, maybe?

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Ok, fine, we know it’s Rihanna. We can recognize that fab bod from a mile away. Plus, we already knew that RiRi is the new spokesmodel for the jeans brand. But unfortch this photo posted by the Armani Facebook page is all we’re going to get to see of RiRi’s campaign for a while now. So we guess it’ll just have to do.

What do you think of the ad? Did you recognize Rihanna? Tell us!