The Girl Meets World News You’ve Been Dreading is Sadly Here

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The future of Girl Meets World is not looking too bright. When we asked Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Maya on the Disney Channel show, about the status of season 4 just a couple weeks ago, she didn’t have too much of an update. “We have been so lucky to work on the show for the past three years and we don’t know what’s happening yet,” she told us. While the 17-year-old couldn’t explain what was going on with the show, another cast member seemingly can.

While Rider Strong A.K.A. Shawn Hunter didn’t necessarily confirm 100 percent that the Boy Meets World spin-off is being canceled, he preeeeetttttyyyy much alluded to it.

“We finished the third season of Girl Meets Word — My brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple — and the show ended,” the 37-year-old actor recently said on the Literary Disco podcast.

Ended is a pretty harsh word, so fans are absolutely devastated at the prospect of season 3 being the sitcom’s last

Disney Channel has yet to comment on the speculation, so until then we’ll hold out hope that Rider simply misspoke.

If Girl Meets World DOES get canceled, maybe Netflix will save it like it did for these other shows: