Beloved Austin & Ally Star in Mourning After Dad Suddenly Passes Away

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Our hearts go out to one of our Austin & Ally favorites, Raini Rodriguez, as well as to her equally-famous brother, Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez. The siblings recently informed the public that they lost their beloved father, Roy Rodriguez.

On March 12, the 52-year-old patriarch of the Rodriguez family died of currently unknown (to the public) causes, but the 23-year-old Disney Channel actress and 18-year-old ABC television actor paid tribute for the first time yesterday on their Instagram pages. “You have officially been gone one week daddy,” Raini posted on her social media account, “and while it has been really difficult, we are all still standing tall and I know it’s because you are sending us strength and guidance all the way from heaven. My daddy was the greatest man in my life. His work ethic and sense of humor were two of his greatest characteristics, both of which he shared with me.”

“He has taught me so many life lessons and inspired me constantly to follow my dreams,” she continued. “I know you will continue to shine down on me, momma, Rico, Ray, Poppi and baby and we will be ok! I promise to make you proud daddy. I will love and miss you forever. – Your one and only baby girl”

Rico echoed his sister’s sentiments, saying, “This has been the toughest week of my life. My Dad was the most kind hearted, loving, hard working, determined, and funny man I have ever known. He was like a super hero, he had the ability to get the best out of you day in and day out.”

“I’m gonna miss your hugs,” he added. “I’m gonna miss your advice. I’m gonna miss your smile, and I’m gonna miss your laugh. I know you’re looking down at us right now giving us the green light to move forward. I miss you Daddy. I’ll love you forever – Your youngest”

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You can read Roy’s obituary here.
While it’s uncertain why Mr. Rodriguez passed away, these stars know what it’s like to lose their father… to cancer: