YouTube Stars Sued for THOUSANDS After Pulling Dumb AF Stunt

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Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran have gone through a lot together since making their YouTube channels years ago. Not only have they joined forces to go on massive tour last spring, but they also stood by each other’s side as they encountered one of the scariest experiences imaginable — their plane making an emergency landing due to a bomb threat. Needless to say, the 24- and 18-year-old are close as can be, so when we heard about them getting into a ~sticky~ situation, we weren’t that shocked.

Last year, the teenager decided that he wanted to throw a huge New Year’s Eve party and asked Ricky if he wanted to join him in the planning. The guys rented a mansion for the night, and despite only being allowed 100 people inside, had about 1000 come in and out throughout the evening.

“The night ended up getting crazy…people were throwing champagne against the wall and the glasses were shattering…People flooded the rooms…someone broke into the master bedroom and he went into the Jacuzzi and cracked and shattered the Jacuzzi,” the YT besties explained.

But while the house was a complete disaster after everyone left, Ricky and Trevor hired cleaning people (who they helped, BTW) to make the house spotless. The guys though they were in the clear…until the message came.

“I get an email a week later…they said, not only are we keeping your [huge] security deposit, we’re suing you for $50,000 for breaking the Jacuzzi, flooding the rooms, making the house look trash.”


Luckily, the former O2L members got their lawyers involved and the owners of the house didn’t follow through on the lawsuit.

“Little did they know we have a great legal team and we got our lawyers involved and my lawyer is amazing; he’s gotten me out of a lot of messes,” Ricky explained. “He looked at the cease & desist and he was like, ‘This is ridiculous. You guys are being taken advantage of.’ He worked his magic and took them down and we haven’t heard back from them.”

All we have to say is — WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF?! You can watch the boys’ full story below:


While these YouTubers weren’t sued, they all got in trouble with the law: