After Years of Questions, YouTube Star Finally Comes Clean About Sexuality

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Ever since he started YouTube channel more than six years ago, one of the main questions people are Ricky Dillion is, “Are you gay?” The 24-year-old always said he was straight in the early days of his rise to Internet stardom, but recently chose to keep quiet and simply ignore the speculation about his sexuality. But not anymore.

In his most recent video, Ricky decided to finally talk about his sexuality, even though he changed his mind and “put it off” a million times.

“I don’t know what I am. I’m nothing; I’m none of the above… If I were to label myself, I would be closest to asexual.”

While the YouTuber says he’s not fully sure if he fits the ‘definition’ of asexuality, to him, it means the following: “I don’t have a sexual attraction to anyone. I can look at a girl, I can look at a guy, and I don’t feel a sexual attraction like most people do. I don’t have a sexual drive, which probably sounds crazy… It’s very uncommon. I thought something has been wrong with me. I could very well have a hormonal imbalance; something is up in my system that is off, which is okay. I’m not a freak. I’m just different. I never crave sex, I never crave love, I don’t crave marriage. I’m very happy being alone.”

Yes, the former O2L member has girlfriend in the past, but there was no attraction there. “It was more of a society peer pressure,” he said.

Following his upload, many members of the YouTube community reached out and showed their support on social media.

We are so proud of you, Ricky!

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