YouTube Star Almost Died After Having a Severe Allergic Reaction

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YouTube stars often exaggerate their stories in order to make an enticing clickbait video title, but that’s not what Rickey Thompson did for one of his recent vids. The 21-year-old YouTuber posted something called “last night……” about a week ago along with a thumbnail picture that showed him in the hospital, and unfortunately, there was nothing fabricated about his tale.

Rickey attended RuPaul’s DragCon with Bretman Rock at the end of April and needed a little snack before they went on with the rest of the night. The YT star is allergic to many things, but he didn’t think he’d have a problem drinking an “all-natural” smoothie. BOY was he wrong.

He explained, “I start drinking the smoothie and literally, you guys, in 10 seconds I had that, ‘Oh my god. Rickey, you f*cked up,’ moment.”

While the former Vine star could feel a severe allergic reaction coming on, he tried to ignore his symptoms and not freak out. He and a bunch of other YouTubers went back to their hotel room so he could get Benadryl to hopefully stop things from getting any worse, but everything quickly went downhill. After spending a good amount of time vomiting and going number two in the bathroom, Rickey called an Uber to take him to a hospital that was only a couple blocks away because he knew he “needed medical help.”

But the story gets worse — when RT and his friend, SimplyNessa15, arrived at the hospital, they realized the building was closed.

“I could feel hives coming on. I could feel my throat closing even more. My eyes were basically swollen shut at this point. […] And then I start getting an asthma attack and I fall to the ground. I could feel my lungs tightening. I could not breathe.”

Vanessa called 911 (who put her on hold, WTF!?!!?!), and eventually the paramedics showed up to take Rickey to get treatment. The YouTuber passed out and doesn’t remember anything from the moment when the EMTs arrived until he woke up in a hospital bed, attached to numerous machines. WE CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE!!! Here’s the full video:

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