9 Male YouTubers Who Got Their Very Own RiceGum Diss Track

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If you don’t already know who RiceGum is, we’re concerned. Are you okay? Do you have access to the outside world? Are you even alive?! Either way, if this is you, we’re gonna need you to do some major research before you come back here to read this article. We’ll wait. Done? Great. Let’s move on…

The 20-year-old serves roasts on YouTube like a freakin’ waiter. Usually, these disses come in the form of raps, which he writes on his phone, records in a studio, and posts to his YouTube channel with the help of his sidekick, AfroGum. While it’s uncommon for him to throw fire first — typically, he’ll wait around until someone trashes him online, then attack them with a savage track — it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

The best part of Bryan Le‘s tunes is always that they’re tailored very carefully to their subjects; he makes sure to hit them where it hurts.

Currently, there’s a legendary battle going on between RiceGum and Jake Paul, because the latter’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, joined forces with the rapper to respond to “It’s Everyday Bro.” #Drama. So, for all the times the former Disney Channel star tried to send verbal bullets at RG, he came back with guns blazing…but he isn’t the only one in the line of fire.

Basically, if you have a popular YouTube channel, and you’re not a fan of RiceGum, you are likely to be the subject of a diss track.. Some YouTubers are careful to stay on his good side, but others have made the grave mistake of calling him a “d*ckhead” (or worse) in public, basically ASKING to be roasted by the king. And — SPOILER ALERT: they all got what they asked for.