RiceGum Body-Shames Nick Crompton AND Tessa Brooks in New Video

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RiceGum basically spent all of 2017 dissing Jake Paul, so it’s not really surprising that he made an entire YouTube video reacting to Team 10‘s new mega-mansion yesterday. The 20-year-old is known for throwing shade and, to be quite honest, gets away with a lot. But while he’s the King of the Diss, he’s still not allowed to body-shame anyone, let alone two popular YouTubers.

There came a part of RG’s “review” where he talked about the elevator Jake showed off. According to Rice, however, it’s simply just a “bullsh*t contraption.”

He continued, “If Tessa [Brooks] and Nick Crompton hopped in that sh*t, it would break…it’s just over capacity.”

Yeahh, umm…no.

A lot of people thought Rice’s video was funny, but others were quick to point out that it was actually really effed up and he should be held accountable.

Here’s the full video, if you’re interested in checking out the whole diss:

Some of your favorite female celebrities were actually told they’re too fat for fame: