12 Hacks on How to Restore & Reuse Old Makeup That’ll Save You Tons of Money

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While buying new makeup is fun and all, it’s not every day that you can splurge on products. That being said, it’s so annoying when your favorite beauty items start getting a little janky and you just KNOW you’re going to have to drop everything and head to the store with your wallet open. But wait — not anymore.

We’re not saying you should keep your makeup for years or anything (that’s gross, people), but there are definitely steps you can take to get a little more life out of your products and save yourself a little bit of cash. Learn how by following the below hacks, tips and tricks!

1. Dry mascara can cause clumps and spider lashes. One way to get a little more life out of it is to soak the tube in hot water, which makes the product melt and become thinner & easier to apply.

2. You can also add some eye drops to the tube!

3. EVERYONE breaks an eyeshadow, powder, bronzer, etc. at least once. While you may think the only way to remedy the situation is to throw the mess away, you can actually fix it pretty easily. Here’s how:

4. Have a few old lipsticks you’re not really feeling anymore? Melt them together to create a brand-new shade:

5. But then there are those lipsticks you LOVE, but unfortunately break. Don’t worry — you can fix those, too!

6. When a cream eyeshadow gets dry, it’s super hard to apply. Solve this problem by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol, mixing everything together and then smoothing out. Good as new!

7. You can make any stiff eyeliner MUCH more creamy and easy to apply by running the tip under a flame for a few seconds.

8. Lip gloss wands don’t touch the bottom of the tube, meaning there’s ALWAYS some product left over. Ugh. Instead of giving up and throwing out your fave gloss, soak the bottle in hot water. This causes the product to melt a bit, making it more runny and easier to get out.

9. Remove the stopper from any makeup product with a want to get every last bit out of the tube.



10. You can also cut any makeup tube in half and scoop out the remaining product to make sure you’re not wasting anything.



11. Instead of throwing out your false eyelashes after one use, clean them with rubbing alcohol and a spoolie and they’ll be ready to go again and again!

12. And speaking of spoolies, you can clean off an old mascara wand and use it as a scrubber to exfoliate your lips.

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