15 Posts About Harry Potter That Will Make You Say, “Me AF”

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I love Harry Potter. But, chances are, you already know this. You know that I love the random facts that, if you are trying to be a snob, only “true” fans can love. You know I love the stupidly heartbreaking facts about the series that are only good to look at if you need a nice, cathartic sob. And, obviously, you know I love my dear mother, Mrs. J.K. Rowling.

Still, no matter how much you might like Harry Potter — which, again, I do a whole lot — you have to admit that, on the whole, the overall series isn’t all that relatable. Which is fine! Things don’t actually have to be relatable for you to enjoy them, and, in fact, books and movies that try too hard to be relatable often end up not being enjoyable at all. But on a totally basic level, Harry Potter — which is about an orphaned wizard who is very famous but basically only has two friends and has had a bit of the soul of the person who killed his parents inside his body and, because of all of this, is most likely suffering from a lot of PTSD — is not the most classically relatable cultural text out there.

Still, there are definitely more than a few moments that happen throughout the series that, despite its entire premise, end up being more than a little relatable. And that, I guess, is what makes something a classic. So, check out these posts about Harry Potter that will 100% make you say, “me:”

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