This Brand Spankin’ New Eyebrow Hack Will Leave Redheads Shook

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In September 2017, Fenty Beauty officially launched and stunned us all with their impressive 40-shade foundation collection. However, now that the collection has been out for nearly a full year now, other beauty brands are starting to catch up. That is, if they haven’t caught up already.

Although most makeup companies now offer consumers plenty of options in terms of foundation, they are still lacking in other areas… like eyebrow pencil, for example. For blondes and brunettes, shopping for a pencil that matches their brow color is a pretty simple task. But, if you’re a redhead, shopping for a brow pencil that matches can be really difficult, and even daunting at times!

As it turns out, this has been a big problem that many redheads around the world have been trying to solve. While there are some auburn shades available in stores, the options for people with red hair are extremely slim, and trust us… they’ve taken notice.

TBH, we totally get how frustrating this must be! But, don’t worry, because now there’s a hack for that!

Rather than sitting around and waiting with patchy eyebrows for a beauty brand to release more brow pencil options for red hair, redheaded Redditors have come to the rescue with a hack that’s been working out pretty well for them: lip liner!

That’s right, you guys! Allure just brought to our attention a Reddit thread, which actually proves that several redheads have been turning to lip liner to get the kind of pigment that current eyebrow pencils can’t seem to provide. Brilliant!

We have to be honest and say that, while it sounds like an amazing hack, we don’t have any redheads in the office at the moment to test it out! So, if you’ve been blessed with gorgeous red locks, go try it out and report back. We’d love to know if this eyebrow hack really works!