10 Red Lipstick Hacks That’ll Make Your Life A Million Times Easier

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She Found

She Found

Celebrities like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift prove that sometimes red lipstick can be the key to feeling glam. But while having a bold lip looks amazing, it can be a little tricky to get the process of applying it perfectly down to a science.

But before you chuck your red lippies in the trash, check out some of the most helpful hacks in the world that’ll make your lipstick-applying experience a million times easier than you ever thought possible!

1. It’s important to find the shade of red lipstick that’ll best suit your skin tone. Here’s how:

2. Then, you need to decide exactly what TYPE of red lip you’re looking for.

3. Now it’s time to move on to actually applying the lipstick! Here’s the shape you should follow:

4. Once you’ve defined your cupid’s bow, you can start filling ’em in!

5. Make the color stay put all day by adding a little powder!

6. Add some clear gloss to change up the look.

7. Or just dab a bit of gloss in the center of your lips to make them appear fuller.

Veronica Passalacqua

Veronica Passalacqua

8. Feeling a little daring? Add some glitter!

9. Or use a dark eyeliner to give your lips a funky ombre look!

10. You can even go heavy with the black to give ’em a cool, gothic effect!

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