10 Struggles Only Natural Redheads Will Understand

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Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, Oscar-winner Julianne Moore and Glee star Jayma Mays are all natural redheads. Then there’s Emma Stone, Bella Thorne, and Amy Adams who rock the red hair so well that people think they’re natural when — spoiler alert — Emma, Bella and Amy were born with blonde hair. Redheads kinda of get the short end of the stick because naturally red hair is pretty rare, which makes you unique, but there’s always going to be someone who makes a comment about it.

Though we’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that redheads in the movies make some of the best characters, there’s no denying that having red hair comes with it’s fair share of struggles:

1. You’re typecast among your friends. The roles of Ginger Spice, Cady Heron, Merida from Brave and Ariel go straight to you because you have red hair. Not a bad thing, but you wanted to be Regina George for Halloween just once.

2. People often ask if that’s your real hair color. No, I just dye my hair a la Ariana Grande circa Sam and Cat because I like all eyes on me all the time.

Tumblr (kittyaricat)

Tumblr (kittyaricat)

3. The nicknames are endless. Ginger, red-headed step child, Little Orphan Annie, Agent Orange, Big Red… you get the idea.

4. People automatically assume you’re Irish or Scottish. Not that it’s a bad thing to be either of those, but that doesn’t really define who you are.

5. People also automatically think you should date another redhead because it would be cute. And you think it’d be cute if they didn’t say things like that, even though you’re secretly attracted to other redheads because they understand the same struggles.

6. You’re probably weary about wearing a red/pink shirt or bold red lips because it may clash with your hair. But you’re probably going to do it anyway because you’re fierce.

7. Freckles and pale skin come with the redhead package, so everyone makes sure to remind you of that. Yes, we remembered to put on sunscreen and we know we have freckles on our face and the rest of our bodies, thank you.

8. Kick-a-Ginger Day is a thing. It falls on November 20th, so that means you’re not leaving your house that day, ever. Hug-a-Ginger Day is also a thing, but why don’t they have these days for brunettes and blondes alike?

Tumblr (moviegifsthatrock)

Tumblr (moviegifsthatrock)

9. Your hair is unmistakable and a dead giveaway, so you can’t blend in even if you tried. It’s not a bad thing to stand out, but sometimes you just want to hang back and not be the center of attention every where you go because of your (awesome) hair.

10. You fantasize about changing up your hair color, but realize you wouldn’t even recognize yourself. You leave the ombre, highlights and crazy dye jobs to your blonde and brunette friends.

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