You Almost Starred in WHAT?! Our Fave TV/Movie Roles That Almost Went to Other Peeps

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The ol’ coulda, woulda, shoulda — you’d never know that some of your fave stars almost starred in something that you’d never believe! After digging through Google the archives, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of  “cast offs” who could have changed the course of entertainment history (or at least our DVR settings).

Imagine if a Gossip Girl had starred in Twilight — or if an American Idol hopeful made it big in The Hangover. Maybe the casting directors got it wrong… or didn’t they?

Why, we didn’t know that you almost starred in…

The Hunger Games

Think Shailene Woodley could win the Hunger Games? At one point, Shai was in the running to give the Capitol a piece of her mind as Katniss! Instead, the role instead went to Jennifer Lawrence, leaving Shailene to work on her award-nominated turn in The Descendants. Maybe there’s a prime spot for you in Catching Fire, Shai?


The Hangover

Did you know that it could have been Katharine McPhee who stole our hearts in The Hangover? “It was between me and Sasha Barrese who got it for The Hangover [as] the bride… I would have loved to play that part,” Kat recently spilled to People Magazine. Somehow we think she’s singing a different tune since landing the breakout role of her career on Smashthough…


The Notebook

Could you imagine Jessica Biel starring in The Notebook instead of Rachel McAdams? Jessica told ELLE Magazine that “(It was) the one that I wanted so badly. I was in the middle of shooting Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I auditioned with Ryan Gosling in my trailer — covered in blood.” Quite the funny scenario! We already know that Jessica plays a great damsel in distress, but Rachel and Ryan’s on-screen (and off-screen!) chemistry just could not be denied.


The Vampire Diaries

It’s hard for us to sink our teeth into, but Ashlee Simpson almost starred in The Vampire Diaries instead of awesome leading lady Nina Dobrev. Turns out that network execs wanted Ashlee to fill Elena/Katherine’s shoes, but show producers felt that Nina’s audition was just the ticket. Besides, we have way too much Delena and Stelena love to even fathom catching VD any other way!



She may play a snotty Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, but Michelle Trachtenberg was almost set to play her polar opposite — Bella! — in Twilight! As for why, “I guess schedules never worked out,” Michelle told US Weekly. And while it’s hard to not picture Kristen Stewart pining for our boyfriend Robert Pattinson, it’s safe to say that after Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michelle has already conquered the whole vampire thing.


Camp Rock

What would you do if you were offered your BF’s dream role? If you’re Selena Gomez, then you turn it down! Back when Selena was new on the scene, it was she who was offered the role of Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock instead of Demi Lovato. When Sel walked away, she said it was to focus on being a better actress, but we’d like to think it’s just good ‘ol fashioned friendship doing the talking.


Harry Potter

He almost had the magic touch, but it wasn’t meant to be that Jamie Campbell Bower would play Harry Potter’s Tom Riddle. And while the role instead went to Frank Dillane, as luck would have it, Jamie did later make it into the franchise as Gellert Grindelwald. (Though we’re pretty sure that no one feels luckier than his Potter star fiancée, Bonnie Wright!)



In a dance hall far, far away, it could have been Zac Efron who taught a town to groove in Footloose. But Zac, wanting to diversify his acting after doing three (high school) musicals plus Hairspray, left the film. Instead, the role went to dancer Kenny Wormald, who hoofed his way into our hearts with the so-hot-it-hurts Julianne Hough.


Which almost-stars do you think could have gone FTW? Which shows or movies would you re-cast if you could? Spill it!

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