How Bella Thorne’s Past Helped Her Portray a New Freeform TV Character

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2017 has already been a heck of a year for TV and it’s just going to keep getting crazier. Both Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf are wrapping up soon (WAH!!) and while Riverdale has completely swept us off of our feet, there’s still going to be a little hole in our hearts where our two faves used to be. But it’s not all doom and gloom — another television show is coming in to help quell the heartache and it’s starring one of our fave Disney actresses, Bella Thorne!

Famous in Love is based on the YA hit by author (and co-creator) Rebecca Serle, who we recently chatted with to get the deets on what we can expect from the new book-to-TV adaptation, why the 19-year-old was perfect for the lead role and much more!

“There are pieces of [Bella] that are Paige,” Rebecca said. “The truth is that she found fame at a young age and so she really understands the trials and tribulations of trying to find yourself in a very public spotlight and in a very public way. So in that way, she’s so perfect for the role.”

While they’ve got that in common, the writer says that she and the teen agree that there are differences everywhere else.

“[Bella is] a little more outgoing, a little more…maybe…adventurous? She’s perhaps a little spunkier [than Paige]. I’m not saying anything that Bella wouldn’t tell you herself.”

The series, which follows an everyday college girl named Paige Townsen who lands a role in a huge Hollywood movie, is “really fun and really juicy” and has “the Pretty Little Liars twisty-turvy breakneck speed of storytelling.” Funny she should mention that, because I. Marlene King, the mastermind of the beloved Freeform drama, is an executive producer of FiL, too!

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“It’s the kind of show that I would want to watch and it’s the sort of show that I loved growing up,” Rebecca continued.

So, will any of the Little Liars make an appearance on the network’s upcoming hit? The author was fairly tight-lipped about any character crossovers, saying, “I can’t blow up our cameo spots just yet. You’ll have to wait and see who makes a step into our universe.”

You don’t need a crystal ball to know that this show is going to be an instant success. Famous in Love debuts on Freeform on April 18th and we’re BEYOND excited!

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