If Rebecca Black Were Rushing a Sorority, It’d Look a Little Something Like This (Video)

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What’s more embarrassing than Rebecca Black‘s video for “Friday?” Some random sorority girls making their own video for “Friday.” Their version, that we found on Smosh.com, is so embarrassing, in fact, that YouTube has officially crowned it as the Most Embarrassing Video of 2011. That’s huge, you guys. So we’ll stop chitchatting about the vid and let you watch it for yourself. All we gotta say is um, we so do not want to rush or pledge or whatever it’s called after watching this, thankyouverymuch.

You gotta watch…

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PS: The Rebecca Black madness starts at about a minute in:

So, did Rebecca Black just get worse or what? What’d you think of the vid? Are you embarrassed for those sorority girls or is the vid actually kind of cute? Lay it on thick in the comments!