Finally! Rebecca Black to Premiere New Single, “Saturday” “My Moment!”

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If you’ve been looking forward to the weekend what Rebecca Black will come out with next, your wait will soon be over. On July 18, “My Moment,” the follow-up single to Black’s “Friday”, will debut on the singer’s YouTube channel. And guess what it’s about…

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…fun, fun, fun, fun!

No. Really. USAToday reports that the vid is all about her “sudden rise to fame.” There will be footage of RB’s last day of junior high, walking the red carpet and her hosting gig at MTV’s Online Music Awards. We’re sure it’ll be just as… uhh, we’ll say ‘catchy,’ as the last song. Oh, and that’s not all. The girl’s currently putting the finishing touches on a five-song EP, set to debut in August. No comment.

Are you anticipating Black’s newest single? Think it will be better than “Friday?” Send us your thoughts!