The Alloy Click: Is Rebecca Black The Next Taylor Swift?

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JSYK, we’re part of the Alloy family (a.k.a. the people behind Gossip Girl, maybe you’ve heard of it?). Check out what our besties have been up to!

Because Rebecca Black is convinced she’s the next Taylor Swift. And to that, we agree to disagree. [GossipGirl.net]

This must be a mistake, because apparently Katy Perry‘s parents are disappointed in her! Do your ‘rents ever get disappointed in you? [gURL.com]

Happy birthday, Aries! See what the stars have in store for you and sign sister Kristen Stewart! [Alloy.com]

Speaking of Kstew, it’s the battle of the lucky-humans-who-date-vampires. Whose look is better — Kristen Stewart‘s or Nina Dobrev‘s? [VampireDiaries.com]

Just because this season of Pretty Little Liars ended doesn’t mean we’ve stopped speculating on who “A” is! So, who’s your “A” today?! [PrettyLittleLiars.com]

Forget celeb blogging. Perez Hilton is onto bigger things like…writing children’s books?! [ChannelOne.com]