10 Reasons Why Lip Gloss is the Absolute Worst

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Trends come, they go, and — without fail — manage to come back again. Sometimes this is for the best, and other times it’s an absolute disaster because, believe it or not, some trends should just stay in the past. For example: Lip gloss.

Now, hear me out: Yes, we’re chillin’ in the era of bold, matte lipstick, but there’s definitely something alluring about shiny lips, too. As someone who was in middle school and high school in the ’00s, I definitely remember when lip gloss felt like a rite of passage into the big effed up world of femininity. Having a Juicy Tube — an overpriced Lancome lip gloss — was so cool that even I, someone who didn’t give a damn about makeup, ended up buying one. But there were so many downsides to it that the idea of them and their equally gloopy cousins having a comeback makes me itch. Now that Kylie Jenner is selling lip gloss as a part of her world famous lip kits, it’s only a matter of time before lip glosses reach critical mass once again.

What’s so bad about lip gloss? Oh, don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Here are 10 reasons why lip gloss is the absolute worst, and why lipstick will always reign supreme:

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