25 Legit Reasons Troian Bellisario is Your One True Spirit Animal

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Instagram (@sleepinthegardn)

Instagram (@sleepinthegardn)

The moment we met Spencer Hastings on the Pretty Little Liars pilot episode and she dropped her infamous one-liner (“You know what they say about hope — it breeds eternal misery.”), Troian Bellisario captured our hearts and has held on to them for 6 years now. We’ve cheered on Troian as she’s taken Spencer on life-altering journey, took on theater roles and stepped into the limelight as a writer of a short film. We typically rely on social media in order to keep tabs on her amazing adventures, and she does not disappoint.

Care to join us as we rattle down all the ways Troian Bellisario has earned spirit animal status? Take a look:

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