GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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ICYMI, we are all back to our normal, non-summer routines. Saturdays and Sundays return as the most welcome events of the week. You probably don’t need reminding, but there are a bajillion reasons to get excited for the weekend. We’re expressing some of them in GIF form.

“Oh, it’s another day that ends in -day? Sigh.
We feel you, Tyler Posey. Weekday fatigue is the real deal.

tyler posey annoyed

You just constantly feel like you’re going, going, going.
Debby Ryan just can’t stop — and not in a Miley kind of way.

debby ryan jessie

Oh, but when it’s the weekend? Rihanna‘s ready to party.

rihanna dance

Or you could just stay in and eat delicious, decadent food like Shay Mitchell.

shay mitchell eating

And indulge in cat cuddles. Lots of cat cuddles.

cat cuddles

The weekend is also the perfect time to try a new look.
We see what you did with your hat there, Zayn Malik!

zayn malik hat

Maybe, you’ll have a romantic adventure. (Or at least a really good dream with Robert Pattinson dancing with you in it.)

robert pattinson dior dance

Say goodbye to stress!

miley cyrus kiss

“Rock on this weekend,” says Katy Perry. “Most certainly,” says we.

katy perry rock on

GIFs of Shailene Woodley & Her Adorbs Co-Stars