8 Reasons Why Skai Jackson is QUEEN

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I’m going to be honest, until that Skai Jackson meme rolled around, I didn’t really know much about the 14-year-old actress. I mean, yes, she’s that girl who was on Disney Channel’s Jessie, but that’s about it. All of that changed when Skai became embroiled in some Twitter beef with rapper Azealia Banks, whose legit talent has become obscured by her tendency spew bigoted slurs on Twitter and IRL.

Okay, so if you don’t already know the backstory, here’s the quick and dirty: Azealia went on a racist Twitter rant about Zayn Malik, who she claimed copied her aesthetic in his new video, “Like I Would.” Skai harmlessly tweeted what we were all thinking, “Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little.”

She didn’t even @ Azealia, but that didn’t stop Azealia from noticing Skai’s tweet, which led to a wacky Twitter feud between the two. It got nasty, but Skai held her own. Umm, hello, new fave! From her response to drama to her amazing sense of style, here are eight reasons why Skai Jackson is our new queen:

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