You Go, KStew! 5 Reasons We Love Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart has gotten a lot of flack lately for her, uhh… “momentary indiscretion.” But even after recent rumors that Robsten has reconciled, we think it’s time to move on from the war against the Twilight actress. Let’s put aside the anger, confusion, and heartaches to remember what made Twi-hards across the globe fall in love with her in the first place. Join us as we count the reasons we still <3 KStew:

1. She LOVES her fans. Sure, she can be socially awkward and a bit unpredictable. But hey, who wouldn’t be nervous in the spotlight? But what we can always count on is KStew’s gratefulness and love for her fans. She even thanked them for supporting her during the recent dramz.


2. She dresses down on the red carpet. Since ’09 (and maybe even before), Kristen’s made the effortlessly chic sneakers-on-the-red-carpet look into a cool-girl trend that even Miley mimics.


3. …but then she can do this, too. There’s no denying it, the girl cleans up nicely.


4. She’s entertaining. While Snow White and the Huntsman may always be remembered as the film that sparked her affair and the (possible) Robsten demise, let’s not forget how remarkable Kris was in the movie. From indie flicks like Adventureland to mega-blockbusters like Twilight, Kristen’s always fun to watch on the big screen.


5. She stays strong. The actress completely shined as she dove right back into the public eye at the Toronto International Film Festival. With a stunning smile, gorgeous floral dress, and positive attitude, the star came back as graceful as ever.


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