6 Reasons Finnick Odair is Everyone’s Dream Crush

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If you've read and/or seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, chances are you've fallen in love with Finnick Odair; Sam Claflin's on-screen alter ego is simply irresistible in every way, shape and form. So, in celebration of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Giveaway — going on rightthissecond! — where you could win an iPad Mini with the movie built in, we're presenting you with six reasons the undeniably hot victor from District 4 is everyone's dream crush (for more than just his ruggedly handsome face):

1. He's confident. Winning the Hunger Games at the age of 14 will do that to a guy.


2. He's athletic. Finnick can wield a trident like nobody’s business, plus, as we've seen in the movie, he's a decent swimmer, too.

3. Look at that bod! Hey, we said we'd give reasons other than his face; his abs count! Seriously, there's no one else that could get away with walking around donning only a fishing net.


4. Not only is he charming, he's snarky too. He's the type that could sweep you off your feet with a smile, but, as if that weren't enough, he's also got a quick wit.

5. Hello, he saves lives! Finnick performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Peeta after he stops breathing, carries Mags on his back (for as long as possible, anyway) and risks his life throughout the entirety of the Quarter Quell to make sure his allies get Katniss gets out safely. What a man, what a man.

6. LOVE. During his final interview with Caesar Flickerman before the 75th Hunger Games, he recites a poem to the cameras, addressing his one true love, Annie Cresta, making everyone in the entire Capitol (and audiences everywhere watching in theaters) swoon.


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