10 Reasons I’ll Never Watch The X Factor Again…And 5 Reasons I’ll Actually Be Tuning In Tonight

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Steve Jones is probably the worst TV host EVER. Every week when I watch The X Factor he makes me want to turn it off when he’s talking. But then that feeling goes away immediately after someone starts singing or talking or practicing with their mentor. Well, basically it goes away with anything that doesn’t involve Steve Jones on camera.

He asks the most awkward questions EVER. For example, after a contestant gets eliminated: “Your dream is dead. What will you do now?” Um, what!?

Even though he’s kinda sexy-faced and has a Welsh accent, his horrible timing on everything and anything is a MAJOR turnoff.

Nino Munoz / FOX

He’s constantly speaking over the judges (Simon, Paula, Nicole and L.A.) and the really important things they have to say. Who does that?

Oh yeah, and speaking of the judges, he can’t say Nicole’s last name right either. It’s Cher-zinger, not Sure-zinger.

He CLEARLY does not drink as much Pepsi as everyone else on the show. And Pepsi is like, the #1 beverage of The X Factor so you need to be drinking it allthetimethankyouverymuch.

His casual looks are even more boring than his formal looks.

He is NO Ryan Seacrest. Ryan produces Keeping Up With Kardashians and all their bajillion other shows. What’s Steve Jones ever going to produce? An episode of Sesame Street or something?


He’s basically trying to be Zachary Quinto but is nowhere near the level of eyebrow hotness that is Zachary Quinto.

That widow’s peak is just ridic.

He’s really just unnecessary. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy in real life, but I kinda wish he’d just go away already. Did I mention I want to make out with him?

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