8 Reasons To Love Living In America in Honor of Independence Day 2014

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Happy 4th of July, everyone! Seeing as it’s Independence Day, we figured it was a perfect time to reflect on everything that make us thankful to live in the good ol’ USA. Yes, we know things like democracy and freedom of speech are obviously the big ones, but we’re also thankful for the little things — like Zac Efron and fast food joints!

Keep reading to see all the things we love about America and tell us in the comments what you appreciate most about the land of the free!

1. Zac Efron was born here. Thank you American gods!

2. Justin Bieber wasn’t born here. Shout out to Canada!

3. We have the Superbowl. Who doesn’t want an excuse to sit around, eat tons and watch athletic guys in tight pants?

Big Blue Interactive

Big Blue Interactive

4. And Hollywood! It’s the breeding ground for foreign hotties in case you haven’t notices.

5. There’s ice aplenty. If you’ve ever traveled to Europe you’ll know that getting drinks with ice is a rarity. Who wants warm soda, though?!

6. You can eat any food at any hour. We know having unlimited access to fast food chains isn’t good, but we’d miss it if it was taken away!

7. Drinking out of red Solo cups is the norm. Is a party really even a party if a red Solo cup isn’t involved?

8. Thanksgiving. We have an entire holiday dedicated to eating entirely too much food — win!

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