17 Reasons Why Peeta is Actually More Harmful Than Helpful to Katniss

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There’s nothing we don’t love about Josh Hutcherson. He’s sweet as hell, cute AF and almost as funny as his four-time co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. Almost. His on-screen, blond alter ego, Peeta Mellark, though… Well, he’s got his fair share of flaws.

The Suzanne Collins-penned book series, The Hunger Games, left little room for people to NOT join #TeamPeeta. The movie franchise, however, portrayed the hero in a vastly different light; one that made it seem like he was more harmful than helpful to J.Law’s Katniss, as well as the other tributes and/or rebels around him. True, he volunteered in the second film, Catching Fire, which showed a great deal of bravery on his part, but that doesn’t erase the following facts:

1. He can lift a 100 lb. bag of flour over his head — Katniss said it herself — yet he didn’t use that strength in the Games. Like, at all.
2. What did he do, though? Used his cake decorating skills to disguise himself as a rock, leaving Katniss to go on a potentially dangerous search for him.
3a. If it weren’t for Thresh yanking Clove off of Katniss, killing the District 2 tribute and then freeing the District 12 heroine, she would’ve been TOAST.

3b. And all because this guy needed medicine:



4. He didn’t know the berries were poisonous. What if Katniss didn’t know Nightlock was fatal? Then Peeta would’ve been the cause of both of their deaths.
5. Plus, he went searching for those berries without a weapon. It’s like he has a death wish.
6. Somehow, he allowed himself to get caught by Cato. Once again, that supposed strength of his failed him.

6. Catching Fire didn’t prove to be much better for him either. Basically, the first time he held a weapon, he hit a force field.
7. And died. His heart legitimately stopped. Thank god for Finnick, right?

8. From then on, he needed to be carried everywhere.
9. Mags sacrificed herself so Finnick could help Peeta instead of her. Peeta is the reason behind the loss of innocent lives here, people!

10. Even a Morphling jumped out to save him (thus, sacrificing herself as well) from a murderous monkey with giant fangs because, somehow, he always managed to get himself into these kinds of situations.
11. After all that, he still got captured by the Capitol.
12. When Katniss found out about his capture, she yelled at Haymitch, Finnick and Plutarch until she had to be tranquilized unconscious. That boy is detrimental to her health!
13. Then there’s the whole Mockingjay — Part 1 rescue mission to get The Boy with the Bread, which placed Katniss’ best friend/other love interest, Gale, in danger.
14. When the kid saw the heroine for the first time since his capture, he attempted to kill her. Sure, he was brainwashed and all, but that still proves our point that he’s harmful more than helpful.

15. In Mockingjay — Part 2, there’s more of the same — he tried to kill Katniss on more than one occasion. Freaking great.
16. In the process, he actually did kill a member of their team.
17. The one weapon he held was a gun with no bullets. That helps.

So, you tell us: Peeta Mellark is the best choice…



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