15 Reasons Mona is the Greatest Pretty Little Liars Character Ever

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The characters on Pretty Little Liars are, hands down, some of the best on television. This ABC Family series might be pegged as a “teen drama,” but if you look beyond the surface, there’s a story to tell, and that story is a life lesson for everyone. Obviously, given the task to choose a “greatest” character was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I buckled down, wracked my brain and by the guidance of Vanderjesus, I chose. There are actually no “greatest” characters on this show, but everyone has their preferences, and I have a few.

Although the “villain” of this show, Mona Vanderwaal shines through with all of her multiple personalities, and there is not a single one that I do not adore. From Nerdy Mona to Crazy Mona locked behind the doors of Radley Sanitarium, this gal is by far complex and confusing — but she is also the best of the best.

Spencer Hastings, I ask all of your forgiveness, but here are 15 reasons Mona Vanderwaal is the greatest PLL character EVER:

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