5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Should Be Cool with the JoBros’ “Wedding Bells”

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We’re super-stoked for the Jonas Brothersnew album, but the song that they debuted at Radio City Music Hall just a short while ago, “Wedding Bells?” Oh man. The Nick Jonas-penned tune didn’t help us not picture its references to a certain Southern belle — and Jonas ex — Miley Cyrus. And while there may be too many coincidences for it to not be about this teen queen, we’re proud of Miley’s acceptance of the song. And why shouldn’t she be cool with it? We’ll give you five reasons why she totally should be. Read on, then make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments or on our new Miley Cyrus message board!

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity
Nick wrote a song and Miley is the subject of it, so that will lead to new interview topics, new insights into Niley’s past, and… free publicity! Both can help the other’s career, even if they aren’t dating. It’s the nature of the business that relationships will form between performers, so why not use it to bring light to some new projects? 


She’s Committed to Making It Work With Liam
Miley admitted that she’d have a different take on things if she and fiancé Liam Hemsworth were just boyfriend and girlfriend, but there’s a certain change that comes with being engaged. Since she only has eyes for Liam, she knows that going back to Nick would only cause heartache for everyone — most of all, herself! Nick could write 10 songs about Miley, but this couple will stay rock solid.


Isn’t It Time Nick Wrote a Song About Miley?
Miley famously wrote “7 Things” about Nick back in 2008, so why wouldn’t Miley be thrilled that Nick wrote such a meaningful song about her as a response? Songs are most poignant when they’re about true emotions after all. It could have been mean-spirited, so MiCy should actually be relieved.

Because It’s a Major Compliment
There is something about the craft of songwriting that seems incredibly special, no? The best is that it’s a good song — one that listeners can take to heart and make their own. We can dig it.


Miley Has Moved On
Liam has clearly helped Miley realize that life has phases. And just because you don’t marry someone doesn’t mean that what you had with them wasn’t special. It doesn’t make sense for someone so focused on their future to dwell on her past, so kudos to her.


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