7 Reasons Why Anna from Frozen is Actually the WORST

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Frozen is one of my favorite Disney films ever. It actually holds a special place in my heart because I’ve always had an irrational obsession with winter, and so even to this day, I still find myself singing the words to “Let It Go” off-key and I shamelessly watch it with my nephew whenever I get the chance. However, no matter how many times I watch this movie, there is always one particular character that I stand, and that’s Anna.

I know, I know. You’re probably already feeling ticked off that I had the nerve to say how this sweet and dorky character isn’t so great. But you know what? While she does have some good qualities and her bravery is admirable, I just find her incredibly annoying. Whenever I watch Frozen, I shudder to think about what Anna would be like in real life. I mean, basically, she’d be a walking chatterbox with extremely childish tendencies, and I feel like very few people would have the patience to deal with it.

Check out these seven reasons why Anna from Frozen is actually the worst:

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