26 Reasons Why 2006 Was Better Than 2016

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Let’s get this out of the way now: 2016 sucked. Sure, maybe you had a good or even okay year on a personal level; you did cool stuff, got into a good relationship, got into college or went to some killer concerts. I went on an amazing cross-contry roadtrip, saw Beyonce live and moved in with my BF! But those were little glimmers of hope in a year full of doom and gloom at every corner. In terms of the world as a whole, 2016 has been absolutely brutal. The celebrity deaths were out of control, the politics were garbage and Kylie Jenner is still with Tyga.

It’s enough to make us reflect, to yearn for a time not so long ago. A simpler time, before corny hashtags or questionable Instagram updates. A time when Donald Trump was still a reality TV star, not our next president. That time was 2006, 10 years ago, and it’s honestly looking a lot better than 2016 is. Skeptical? Here are 26 reasons why 2006 was better than 2016. Let’s just hope we won’t have to say that 2007 was better than 2017.

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