Reason Number 2 We’re Excited for January: Secret Life

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Since September we’ve been pondering whether or not Amy and Ricky on Secret Life of the American Teenager will become an item after their adorable reconciliation last season. And whether or not Adrian is going to keep her baby. Oh, and if Grace and Grant are the real deal. But in just a few days (yay!) the answer to this and other burning Secret Life questions will be answered when the show returns to ABC Family with season 4.

Click on for a recap of last season and what’s to come on season 4!

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1. Amy Goes to Music School: Amy was MIA for the majority of season 3, attending a teen mom’s music program in NYC. In the meantime, Ricky moved into Amy’s room to take care of John. But when he visited Amy in NYC for a long weekend, the two got super cozy and couple-y and even shared a date. Do we hear rumblings of a rekindled romance? And while she was gone…
2. Adrian’s Pregnancy Gets Out. Oh, and did we mention that Ben is the baby daddy?
3. And then Adrian fakes an engagement to Ben and he gave her Betty’s gorgeous ring to prove it. But after realizing the engagement was just to make Ricky and Amy jealous, Adrian and Ben break it off.
4. Jack Moves in with Grace! Well, kinda. He sets up shop in her family’s guest house, since his parents moved away and he needed a place to stay for his senior year of high school. Awkward that he’s dating Madison and Grace is dating Grant…
5. And speaking of Madison… She and Lauren got majorly grounded after their parents found out they had a co-ed sleepover with their boyfriends, Jack and Jesse. Looks like they’ll be having a pretty boring summer…

Phew! Got all that? Who’s your fave Secret Life couple? What do you hope happens on season 4? Tell us below!