This Might Be the Reason Why Miley Cyrus Deleted All Her Instagram Posts

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We might finally know the reason why Miley Cyrus deleted all of her Instagram posts.

Just a week ago, Miley scrubbed her Instagram completely clean. She got rid of every single post and highlight, and now her profile picture is nothing but a black circle. In addition, her website is currently just a mysterious black screen.

miley cyrus deletes instagram

Before the wipe, Miley hadn’t posted on the app since June. She seemed to be enjoying her privacy, but when the total blackout occurred, rumors started swirling.

Because pictures of Liam were included in her deleting spree, people started wondering if things were going south between the two. An anonymous source even told Ok! Australia that they had called off their wedding because of a disagreement about kids. But Liam was quick to dispel those rumors when he posted a video of him and Miley on his Instagram story. The pair was also spotted together at the airport just one day before the rumors came out.

So, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Miam is still going strong! But what’s with the blackout then? Well, good news for Miley fans: it’s supposedly because Miles is releasing new music!

A source told E! News, “Miley is working on new music and rebranding herself, hence why she deleted her Instagram photos. She is starting the process of a new music project and wants a clean slate.”

OMG! If the news is true, we are so ready for a new Miley era. She has been spotted at Electric Lady Studios in NYC recently, so we’re guessing new music isn’t too far off! Electric Lady also happens to be where Lady Gaga is currently recording her sixth studio album, and Taylor Swift was just spotted there. Could there be a three-way collaboration in the works?

Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but fans are already freaking out about the possibilities.