The 5 Worst Songs Ever Made By Reality Stars

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InTouch Weekly

You probably didn’t know this, but Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom is now pursuing modeling writing singing as a thing. She just released her first single, “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” exclusively at InTouchWeekly.com, and upon first listen it’s, um, truthfully, we have no words. And we don’t just mean that because we literally can’t understand a word Farrah’s singing. So in honor of the reality star’s foray into music (ish), we decided to take a look back at other reality-stars-turned-musicians’ songs that were, um, not exactly radio-worthy. Our top (or, uh bottom) 5 are below, so make sure to tell us your thoughts on these songs in the comments!

Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom
Farrah told the mag this is her song for “finding happiness,” and we literally couldn’t disagree more. Um, auto-tune much?

Angelina from Jersey Shore
Remember this gem from the former MTV star? It’s called “I’m Hot” and features a rap cameo. We’re still baffled as to why this one never made it onto the party playlist at Karma.

Kim Kardashian from Keeping Up With the Kardashians
We’ve already sorta taken a jab at Kim for this song, which, she insists, was merely for fun and not for serious. Phew. But we just had to include “Turn It Up” again because well, have you seen the title of this post? We still love ya though, Kimmy!

Paris Hilton from The Simple Life
Word on the street is that Paris is currently collaborating with LMFAO on new music, but until that happens, we still can’t forgive her for “Jealousy,” and basically the entire Paris album as a whole. Well, except for “Stars Are Blind.” That song rocked.

Heidi Montag from The Hills
OMG don’t even get us started.

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