12 YA Book Romances That Are Actually Realistic AF

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Young adult books have quite the reputation when it comes to cheesy romances. Even though it’s true that some of the most popular YA couples are sickeningly cute (we swear, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters are THE power couple), they’re actually way too far-fetched. Like, since when do awkward young teens talk to each other like middle-aged people who can flirt so effortlessly? And what sane teenager immediately falls hopelessly in love with someone that they practically just met? These things might sound perfect in the world of YA and they might even make your heart melt (totally guilty), but you have to admit that they’re just not realistic.

This isn’t to say that reading about cliché relationships is bad. It’s totally fine to indulge in fairy tale romances! But you know what’s even better? Reading about couples that are realistic. There are actually some amazing YA books that show the fear and awkwardness of starting a new romance, and they’re honestly like a breath of fresh air. Check out these 12 books with romances that are actually relatable: