12 Puberty Moments from TV That are Actually Realistic

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Ah, puberty. The sight of hair sprouting in weird places, zits, blood gushing out of a previously dormant cavity, zits, awkward growth spurts, zits, boob weirdness, zits… yeah, nothing exactly glamorous. It’s a very graceless period of time that we all have to go through, for better or for worse, until we get out on the other side as sort-of-adults… who still get zits.

So maybe your pituitary gland has you feeling down — or like an ugly duckling, like my own puberty phase made me feel — but at least our puberty angst (and moments of hilarity) are mirrored in the pop culture we consume, especially TV. Let’s be real, body changing weirdness makes for good television, and while the more awkward the better, it’s nice when there’s a healthy chunk of realism to it as well. Check out these 12 realistic puberty moments from television that will make you feel a little less alone in this hormonal hell hole:

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