8 First Kisses on TV Series That are Actually Realistic

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First kisses. They are… Weird. Exciting. Nerve-wracking. Awkward. But they all have one thing in common: everyone, at some point, will have one. Whether it’s with someone you’ve been DYING to kiss, or someone you unexpectedly start crushing on, having a first kiss is something we can all relate to. So, when your favorite characters on your favorite TV show kiss for the first time, you can totally relate to how exciting it is, right? But are they actually ~relatable~? Most of the time they aren’t, if we’re being real.

Yes, I’m all for the “first kiss happening in the pouring rain at 1am” situation that happens to frequently on your favorite TV shows, but that stuff just does not happen IRL, unfortunately. Also, isn’t kissing in the rain cold? Whatever. Anyway, I know that you might get some pretty unrealistic expectations from TV show first kisses, so I wanted to bring you some couples who had ACTUALLY realistic first kisses. You know, kisses that are pretty awkward but still fun and exciting. I mean, that’s most likely what your first kiss will be like. Not all of them were perfect or dramatic, but they were all important, so check them out:

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