This May Look Like Eye Makeup… But It’s Actually Someone’s Forearm!

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Thanks to the Internet, artists have a platform to share all of their incredible art, even if it’s a little outside of the box. For example, we normally wouldn’t expect makeup artists to put eye makeup anywhere that isn’t, well, their eyes, but we’ve recently discovered that eye makeup can, in fact, be done elsewhere. Wait… what?

That’s right, everyone! Makeup artist Gabrielle Alexis (or @gabxxrielle on Instagram), has a social feed full of incredible and unique eye makeup looks. Interestingly enough, though, she uses her forearm as a canvas rather than her eyes, and TBH, it’s unbelievable. Look!

We know… they look SO real! Clearly, Gabrielle is very into the details, drawing on perfect eyebrows and eyelashes, including contour, and even partially drawing in a nose to make each look appear to be three-dimensional! WOW.

When it comes to creating stellar eye makeup looks on her forearm, though, this definitely isn’t Gabrielle’s first rodeo. In fact, she created her first one way back in October of 2016 and has been sharing them with her followers ever since!

Over time, Gabrielle even developed a following, and unsurprisingly, people are very curious about how she does it and what products she uses. Fortunately, she shares this information in the captions of each look, so if you want to try it for yourself (on your eyes or your forearm), you’ll know exactly what you need.

Honestly, after thinking about it some more, we totally understand why Gabrielle creates these looks on her forearms instead of her eyes… we’d want to glance down at them all day, too!