10 Regular People Who Look Like the Love Child of Two Celebrities

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It’s been said that everyone in this world has at least one twin… who’s not actually related by blood. Basically, with the literal billions of people in existence, there’s someone else in the world who looks like you; that’s why it’s not uncommon to hear about real people who look like celebrities. Take Harry Styles, for example — there are at least 11 ~normals~ walking around with the One Direction guy’s face (and/or hair)!

But we wonder if the same could be said for morphings. Like, how many regular people are out there who look like the love child of two celebrities? While we don’t know the answer to that not-as-age-old question, we do have a few examples. Here are 10 everyday folks who look like the products of a famous pair:

1. Kelsey Calemine — This girl looks so much like Lucy Hale + Kylie Jenner, even the Pretty Little Liars star thought she was a fake!

WHAT. Is this a real person or morphing ?

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2. David Carrera — If Zayn Malik & Justin Bieber were able to give birth to a son that was half of each of them, he’d be literal perfection, based on this guy’s looks:

3. Kane — The guy even says people call him the love child of Harry Styles + Johnny Depp.

4. Brec Bassinger — The newbie Nick star’s smile says Taylor Swift, but her eyes say Miley Cyrus.

5. This 5 Seconds of Summer Hybrid — Literally Michael Clifford + Luke Hemmings.

6. This Model Combo — It’s like Cara Delevingne put on a Kendall Jenner wig.

7. This Ecstatic One Direction Fan — Now we know what could’ve happened if Harry Styles & Cara Delevingne stayed together.

8. This Hot AF 1D CombinationZayn Malik + Liam Payne = the perfect man.

9. This DreamZayn Malik + Dylan O’Brien LIVES!

10. This Product of RyansRyan Gosling + Ryan Reynolds… ’nuff said.


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