SPOTTED: 7 Internet Memes IRL

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Think Internet memes exist only online? Think again! We’ve spotted some memes in the wild (aka real life), and offer up these photos as proof that they exist outside your Tumblr dashboard:

Trollface and Yao Ming Face Barbershop
Two memes, one storefront. Maybe they have a two-for-one deal? But, uh, word of advice — maybe you don’t want to go near a place where your hair might get trolled times two?


Look of Disapproval Glasses
So you can disapprove of everyone at any time, even if you don’t have your laptop.

Etsy (Plasmatorium)

Gangnam Style Starbucks Cup
Even your coffee’s going Gangnam Style. PSY would be proud.

College Humor

Y U No Donate Blood?
Bringing on a guilt trip of epic proportions.


Botched Ecce Homo Crepe
Looks way more delicious than the real “Potato Jesus.”

M24 Digital

Close Enough Guy Math Test
Teachers should always give feedback in the form of Internet memes.

Know Your Meme

Nyan Cat Blanket
Complete with actual cat pocket. Too adorable for words!


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